Data Subscription Platform

Monetize your data.  The Data Subscription Platform enables you to securely publish your data online to sell to ongoing subscribers and one-time buyers.   Contact us to get started.

Platform Benefits:
  • Intelligently imports data from Excel and other sources
  • Dynamically generates data from your Excel models
  • Easily delivers data through a beautiful web interface
  • Protects your data with custom access and security rules
  • Validates data to ensure quality
  • Explains your data with integrated narratives
  • Facilitates collaboration and feedback

Data and content delivery:  ● Easy-to-understand report sets ● Interactive data flow schematics ● Powerful ad hoc querying ● Links to data sources and model explanations ● Contextual discussions and collaboration ● Interactive charts and graphs ● Export to Excel

Publishing:  ● Simple or complex data import from Excel ● Narrative and graphics import from Word and Excel ● Dynamically generated data from your Excel models ● PDF and HTML integration with other CMSes ● Customized data access for each subscriber ● Automated data quality assurance (QA) ● Complete audit trails

Complex Online Surveys

Collecting complex data from the field and across the globe requires complex surveying capability applied across multiple survey panels.  If you regularly update your data you want the flexibility to re-use the same base surveys, adjust for each region or focus area, and decide on the most appropriate panels in each survey cycle - without repeating your efforts.  You want ownership of your surveys and data.

  • Implement complex tabular questions including mixed entry types, dynamic column summing and validation, and in-page branching
  • Utilize survey branching/enabling conditions at the table column level and at the individual data entry point - across pages or within the same page
  • Maintain control and ownership of your survey source documents and your survey data
Author and format your surveys in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) format for ease and portability - online or offline
Collect survey data using one or more of your trusted panel providers.  Add or change panel providers at any time - including while surveys are active
Use multiple concurrent survey versions or regional variations of each survey.  Make adjustments that apply to new respondents, in-progress surveys of selected versions, or both
Include the original fully-functional survey questions alongside your online published analyses/methodology to provide transparency to your customers

Custom Software Development

We are flexible, lean, conscientious and smart software developers delivering quality software applications and integration solutions for over 30 years.  Our clients include healthcare researchers and providers, manufacturers, logistics, consulting firms, specialty organizations, and others.  We develop web-based, rich client, and mobile applications for line-of-business and business intelligence needs.

We help customers create and realize their vision through technology.   Contact us to discuss your challenges, strategies, and technological ambitions.
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